RFP Rules and Regulations

PostRFP provides a number of options for determining the RFP rules and workflow followed by the project. Many of these options relate to procurement rules set by regulatory bodies - e.g. SEC banking or E.U. public sector procurement law.

The following rules are configurable within PostRFP.

Maximum Score

Determines the scoring scale to use for individual criteria when evaluating RFP responses.


Either Private (vendors gain access to the RFP by invitation only) or Public

Allow Private Messages

By default, messages posted by the RFP issuer (the buyer) are visible to all vendors engaged in the RFP. This rule enables messages can be posted to individual vendors

RFP Deadline

Date by which responses must be submitted

Hide Responses Until Deadline

This rule prevents the RFP issuer from viewing vendors responses until the deadline has passed. This is for compliance with many regulatory framework which state all bids must be evaluated over the same period of time. This rule can be disable on a project by project basis.

Multiple Scoring sets

Enables each user to save a distinct set of scores when scoring the RFP

Require formal acceptance

Determines whether vendors must formally accept their RFP invitation before being able to save responses online

Expose Weightings to Respondents

This rule toggles the ability of respondents to view weightings (priorities) assigned to different RFP criteria.

General Features

Creating the RFP

Invite & Publish

Respond & Monitor