Multiple Weighting Sets

In PostRFP, an RFP is decomposed into a set of evaluation criteria expressed as a questionnaire:

- Section
-- Subsection
--- Question

Some parts of the RFP questionnaire will be more important than others, so PostRFP allows weights to be allocated to sections or questions.

However, in an important RFP there will be a range of different individuals and groups involved in the evaluation that will have differing opinions as to the relevant importance of different aspects of the product or service being selected.

PostRFP allows these differences to be expressed very naturally through the concept of Weighting Sets.

A Weighting Set is a complete set of weights applied to sections and/or questions in an RFP. Weighting sets are named, so that they can map to department titles and to various "what-if?" scenarios.

PostRFP's integrated charting and score calculations allow the user to easily switch between different weighting sets when comparing vendor responses.

Most departments or groups in an organization have different priorities. To reflect these priorities, PostRFP supports multiple weighting sets. One weighting set may reflect the priorities of e.g. the Accounts Department, or of Operations. The weighting sets can be individually named and applied.

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