Importing RFP Answers

There are many situations where vendors find themselves answering the same RFP questions. A niche consultancy might issue similar RFPs on behalf of their clients to the same set of vendors. A corporate procurement department might issue annual due diligence questionnaires to their existing vendors to check performance or compliance.

In such cases, the vendors face a laborious and costly process, and these costs are eventually transferred to the RFP issuer.

PostRFP tackles this problem by providing Answer Importing functionality. When a vendor receives an RFP they see a link to "Import Answers" which will show them a list of previous projects they have responded to, and statistics showing how many questions there are in common between the current and previous projects. With one click the vendor can import all matching answers.

For organizations operating in industries dealing with high volumes of similar RFPs, Answer Importing can save weeks of labor.

The RFP issuer (the buyer) also directly benefits from Answer Importing. Where a vendor imports and subsequently imports an answer that the buyer had previously scored, the score is copied across in the background. When dealing with repeated, similar evaluations this allows the buyer to focus on just the information that has changed, rather than sifting through duplicate data.

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