Automated RFP Scoring

Multiple choice questions can have scores associated with each of their options. For example

Does your company comply with ISO 9001?
In progress

This question might be set up so that "Yes" scores 10, "In progress" scores 5 and "No" scores 0/10.

Auto-scored rfp questions can greatly reduce the time required to evaluate vendors responses and improves accuracy.

Many PostRFP users favour a combined multiple choice with comments field question. For example, an RFP for a software product might include a question such as:

Does your software enable the user to XXX?
Yes (10)
Yes, with qualifications (no autoscore)
No (5)


There is a automatic score of 10 for a definite Yes, 0 (zero) for a definite no, whilst a qualified Yes will have no score and thus draw an evaluator to examine the answer.

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