RFP Evaluation Panel Scoring

RFP projects often involve a team of evaluators that will assess and score vendors submissions. In some cases different evaluators will be responsible for scoring different sections in the RFP (i.e. corresponding to their areas of expertise). In other cases, the same team members will be asked to evaluate (score) responses to the same RFP questions. For such cases, PostRFP provides Multiple Score Sets.

By default, one score is allocated to each vendor's answer to a given question. If two evaluators record a score for the same answer, the earlier score is overwritten by the later one. However, if the Project setting "Multiple Scoring Sets" is enabled then each user will save a distinct set of their own scores.

Permissions can be set such that most evaluators only have permission to save their scores - not to set the "Agreed Score".

For cases where the project's approach is average the scores from each scorer, PostRFP provides an automated function to calculate and save the average scores.

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