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Government ERP System Selection

Client Industry: Government
Purchase Category: Information Technology


  • Strict public sector procurement rules
  • Considerable financial commitment
  • ERP system essential for the functioning of the organization
  • Complexity of ERP systems and the resulting scope of requirements


PostRFP was used throughout the RFP process by a combined team of government officials and consultants from Deloitte. PostRFP delivered useful time savings whilst providing regulatory compliance by default.

We were able to see everything - the transparency created by the system was very helpful. Our evaluators liked PostRFP as it was easy to use, did not involve paperwork and could be used from different locations. The ability to identify scoring outliers and moderate those was extremely helpful. Very competitively priced.

Government procurement manager

"I was most impressed with PostRFP. Having had significant exposure to major eProcurement platforms, I was pleasantly surprised how adaptable, flexible and cost-effective PostRFP was.

Senior Manager from Deloittes

Key Product Features

  1. RFP Evaluation Panel Scoring
  2. RFP Message Board
  3. RFP Weighted Scores Calculations
  4. RFP Weightings
  5. Role Based Permissions


New Zealand Housing Corporation, a central government body, responsible for state housing for over 200,000 people, needed a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

Deloitte, a management consulting firm, was hired to help run the evaluation and selection of ERP system vendors.