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How do permissions work in PostRFP?

Posted in User Management and Administration, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

PostRFP uses "Role Based Permissions".

Permissions, in PostRFP, are very fine grained, such as "Can Accept Invitation" or "Can Approve Answer". There are around 40 such permissions in the system, and new permissions are added as the system is extended.

If users were granted individual permissions, their accounts would need to be updated whenever new permissions were introduced in the system.

To simplify user account management, we employ the widely used concept of Roles. A Role represents a group of permissions, and a user can be in one or more Roles. Roles are designed to correspond with business functions, having names such as "Response Reviewer" or "Questionnaire Manager". When a user is mapped to one or more roles, new permissions can be added to those roles, and there is no need to edit hundreds of user accounts.

You can view the permissions associated with a Role by clicking on the role name in the user administration pages.

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