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What are Participants in an RFP Project?

Posted in Managing Vendor Evaluation Projects, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

In many Evaluation exercises, multiple organizations need to be able to access respondents' answers. For example, a company tendering for a new Logistics provider might hire a specialist consultancy to assist with that purchase. In such a case, the consultancy would need to be able to draft some specialist questions and then help with the analysis and scoring of received information.

PostRFP enables the project author to grant access to additional organizations for the evaluation / buy side of the project. These additional organizations are called Participants.

Participant organizations are assigned a Role which defines their permissions within the scope of that project. This Role acts a mask to overrides the default permissions of users. So Participant user "Bob" might be in the role "Administrator" (all permissions). Bob's organization is invited to participate in Project X, and is granted the Role of "Project Reviewer" (limited permissions). This will result in Bob only having Project Reviewer permissions within the scope of Project X.

Consulting organizations can use Participants to manage their clients, granting access to specific RFP Projects for specific clients.

In the diagram above, Acme Consultants and the Buyers are Participants (the vendors are Respondents).

Participants can be managed under the Advanced Options link in the Projectt tree menu.

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