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What are the Status values in Workflow Mode?

Posted in Responding to an RFP, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

Answer Statuses are enabled when a Respondent chooses the option to "Enable Workflow". This enables a team working on a response to force questions to be reviewed and approved before they can be submitted. The following statuses are employed:

Not AnsweredNo answer has been saved for the given question
AnsweredThe answer is saved, but not ready to be reviewed
For ApprovalThe answer is saved, and is ready for review.
ApprovedThe answer is saved, and has been approved.
RejectedThe answer is saved, but the reviewer rejected it.

Answers can only be viewed by the Buyer / Evaluator once the Response has been Submitted. It is only possible to Submit a Response when all answer are in Approved status.

A typical workflow for a given question might be as follows. Bob is an analyst writing answers. Alice is a supervisor reviewing answers:

  • Bob saves an answer to question 2.14, but is not ready to have this answer reviewed (Status: Answered)
  • Bob edits his answer, and indicates that it is ready to be reviewed (Status: For Approval)
  • Alice reads the answer, but doesn't like it, so rejects it (Status: Rejected). She writes in a comment against the question describing why it was unsatisfactory.
  • Bob reads Alice's comment, and amends his previous answer. Again, he sets the status to For Review
  • Alice reads the answer, and this time approves it (Status Approved)

N.B. When Workflow is enabled, it is not possible for a respondent to submit their questionnaire response to a supplier until the status of all questions is Approved.

Users with different permissions can perform different status transitions.

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