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Government Insurer Email System Tender

Client Industry: Insurance
Purchase Category: Information Technology


To support its claims, injury prevention and rehabilitation services business, ACC needed a software system to provide secure email communications with its health practitioners and business partners. Being a government agency, ACC had to follow public sector tendering rules.

Public sector procurement policies in New Zealand belong to the most rigorous in the world. Complying with these policies on a one-off basis, poses a risk of significantly increasing time and effort spent on the process.


RFP criteria were captured as 350+ questions in PostRFP. 11 evaluator user accounts were created to manage the evaluation, scoring and selection process in compliance with the procurement rules.

Communication with vendors was managed via PostRFP's in built message board functionality. This ensures that all communication is audited, and makes it easy to ensure that all vendors are receiving the same information.

Key Product Features

  1. Import Excel Questions
  2. RFP Evaluation Panel Scoring
  3. RFP Event Log
  4. RFP Message Board


ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) is a unique New Zealand institution. It provides no-fault accident insurance for all New Zealand residents and visitors. ACC manages over US $10 billion of claims each year.