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Pensions Administration Review

Client Industry: Professional Services
Purchase Category: Financial Services
Client Website: http://www.go-pensions.co.uk/


When GoPensions began pension administration review RFPs, they found that whilst 80% of review criteria were shared between clients 20% of the RFP was unique to each client's needs. Every client engagement required a laborious reformulation of their RFP templates.

GoPensions found that tools such as Excel (templates), Word, Powerpoint and e-mail were ill suited to managing RFPs. Distributing RFP documents by email meant that collating responses was a tedious and error prone job.

Finally, GoPensions wanted to distinguish itself from competition by utilizing tools that demonstrated their eagerness to innovate and identify the best tools.


GoPensions adopted PostRFP for managing all their pensions administration review projects.

  • GoPensions can now easily reuse past RFPs / questionnaires, adapting them painlessly for each client.
  • RFP analysis is more accurate with hierarchical weighting and scoring calculations resolved automactically
  • PostRFP helps GoPensions to win new business. Their clients value the transparency we provide, and thereby form a positive impression of Go Pension's technical strength.
PostRFP has been a great tool for us over the last years. Clients like it and it has helped us win business.

Susan Phillips, Director, GoPensions

Key Product Features

  1. Importing RFP Answers
  2. RFP Template Library
  3. RFP Templates


Go Pensions is a UK consultancy specialized in the review, evaluation and selection of pension administration systems and defined benefit programs.

Go Pensions reviews HR systems and pension administration providers by issuing and evaluating Requests for Proposal (RFPs).

Clients include small companies with a limited number of employees and large corporations with thousands of staff. GoPensions services a range of sectors, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Information Technology, Media, etc.