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Medical Records EHR / EMR RFP Tools

Client Industry: Healthcare
Purchase Category: Information Technology
Client Website: http://www.emr-match.com/


While the vendor profile database needed to be developed, EMR Match also needed a system to shortlist potential vendors from the database and help hospitals and medical practices make a first cut of EHR systems. After shortlisting, a more rigorous RFP based selection process would follow.

EMR Match had the following requirements: Define data points for the vendor database User-friendly interface for capturing, updating and maintaining the information Flexible reporting to drive the vendor shortlist process Ability to build and issue a customized RFP for each client based on the standard set of vendor criteria


EMR Match formed a committee of over 30 industry experts to draft a set of 300+ criteria by which to evaluate EHR and EMR vendors. PostRFP's platform was used to capture the criteria in an online PostRFP questionnaire.

For the shortlisting phase, PostRFP's Answers Report functionality was used to extract key criteria from the main RFP questionnaire.

When the client moves on to the RFP, the original questionnaire is used as a template, and customized as required for the client needs.

Key Product Features

  1. Collate Vendor RFP Responses
  2. Import Excel Questions
  3. Importing RFP Answers
  4. RFP Evaluation Panel Scoring
  5. RFP Template Library


Electronic Health Record (EHR) software helps to capture patient information in electronic form. It is a rapidly expanding field of Information Technology.

Under the US Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009, eligible health care professionals and hospitals in the US can qualify for Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments when they adopt certified EHR technology and use it to achieve specified objectives.

However, the EHR software sector is diverse. There are at least 70 valid alternatives in the market, all with their own pros and cons.

EMR Match is US consultancy specializing in the evaluation and selection of EHR vendors. As it is difficult for hospitals and smaller medical practices to identify the best solution in this fragmented market, EMR Match's aim was to develop a vendor profile database to help EHR buyers.