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Australian Government Procurement Consultants

Client Industry: Government
Purchase Category: General Procurement
Client Website: http://www.psiasiapacific.com.au/


Australian Government procurement officers must negotiate a delicate balance between minimizing wasteful expenditure whilst also running tenders with the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

To most effectively support their clients, PSI's directors investigated whether technology could be deployed to leverage their depth of knowledge and expertise whilst streamling the tender process and keeping costs as low as possible.



After extensive research and evaluation, PostRFP was identified as the right fit for PSI's technology requirements.

PostRFP's web based tender management platform has enabled PSI to encapsulate much of their knowledge in the form of reusable RFP templates. These, together with the inherent benefits of running tenders and their evaluations on-line, enable client projects to be managed with great efficiency. Government Agencies can access the tool through a standard web browser, providing great transparency. Vendors can self-register and complete their responses on-line.

  • Highly efficient re-use of knowledge, expressed as RFP templates and automated scoring, enables PSI Asia Pacific to manage tenders for their Federal clients at reduced cost

  • Collaboration between evaluators and vendors is managed entirely through the system, and is fully auditable

  • Requirements gathering and building the tender questionnaire building process is both quicker (due to template re-use) and more convenient (multiple people can work on the same tender in parallel - no need to 'Track Changes')

  • Decisions are better qualified and risks better managed through a weighted scoring approach

  • Full audit history of tender management increases transparency

  • Automatic scoring of some areas reduces demands on evaluators

  • Data export to Excel for further analysis and reporting

PostRFP enables us to do more for less. Drafting, issuing and scoring tenders takes significantly less time, enabling us to keep lower costs whilst focusing more resources on our clients and their requirements. The project management, integral message board and audit trail features of PostRFP enable us to easily demonstrate full compliance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

Jeff Lambert, Executive Director, PSI Asia Pacific PTY Ltd.

Key Product Features

  1. Collate Vendor RFP Responses
  2. RFP Rules and Regulations
  3. RFP Team Management
  4. Rich RFx Questionnaire
  5. Role Based Permissions


PSI Asia Pacific has provided procurement consulting and advisory services to Australian federal government agencies since 1991. Their services include managing tenders, vendor panel assessments and technology system selection.