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Does PostRFP provide EU Tendering help?

Posted in Managing Vendor Evaluation Projects, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020


Issuing a tender through PostRFP helps the buyer to focus on finding the best supplier, rather than worrying about compliance with EU tendering rules. To ensure a tender is compliant with EU rules, the following settings should be a applied to the project:

  • Hide Responses Until Deadline - set to True. EU rules stipulate that all tender responses must be evaluated for the same period of time. This setting implies that you can only see responses after the deadline has passed, even if a supplier submits their response early

  • Allow Private Messages - set to False. Under EU rules, all suppliers must receive exactly the same information. This means that if a supplier posts a message in PostRFP, the buyer's reply must be visible to all respondents.

  • Expose Weightings to Respondents - set to True. Weightings (priorities) indicate how important each section and question of the tender is. EU procurement rules state that vendors must be able to see this information.

The greatest help PostRFP gives for EU tendering compliance is the fact that every action is recorded, and scoring data is transparent. This means that in the event of a supplier challenging an award the buyer has a complete dataset at hand to support their decision.

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