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What events are recorded in the Audit Event Log during an RFP project?

Posted in Managing Vendor Evaluation Projects, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

PostRFP records significant system events, and tracks changed values when fields are edited. For example, whenever an answer to a question is changed, the time, user, question ID and the previous value are all recorded. It is thus possible to see every change made to every field in a response to a questionnaire. The same approach is taken to scoring, and scoring comments, and other project data.

This is a finely grained audit trail, a feature which makes PostRFP well suited to highly regulated environments such as EU Public sector procurement, or Financial Services.

Below is a list of all event types logged by the system:

  • Answer Created
  • Answer Imported
  • Answer Rejected
  • Answer Submitted For Approval
  • Answer Updated
  • Issue Accepted
  • Issue Created
  • Issue Deadline Reminder
  • Issue Declined
  • Issue Deleted
  • Issue Expired
  • Issue Released
  • Issue Released Updateable
  • Issue Retracted
  • Issue Reverted To Accepted
  • Issue Submitted
  • Issue Updated
  • Org Created
  • Org Deleted
  • Org Updated
  • Project Access Granted
  • Project Access Revoked
  • Project Attachment Added
  • Project Attachment Removed
  • Project Closed
  • Project Created
  • Project Deleted
  • Project Issues Deadline Reminder
  • Project Issues Expired
  • Project Issues Locked
  • Project Issues Unlocked
  • Project Note Added
  • Project Published
  • Project Reverted To Draft
  • Project Updated
  • Question Created
  • Question Deleted
  • Question Edited
  • Questionnaire Created
  • Questionnaire Deleted
  • Questionnaire Imported
  • Questionnaire Section Imported
  • Role Created
  • Role Deleted
  • Role Updated
  • Score Autoscore Created
  • Score Cleared
  • Score Comment Added
  • Score Created
  • Score Imported
  • Score Updated
  • Section Access Updated
  • Section Deleted
  • User Accepted Tc
  • User Account Activated
  • User Created
  • User Deleted
  • User Logged In
  • User Password Recovered
  • User Password Updated
  • User Role Granted
  • User Role Revoked
  • User Updated

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