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Can I hide suppliers' responses until the tender deadline?

Posted in Inviting Vendors to Respond, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

Yes. Many regulated procurement environment stipulate that all bidders must be evaluated over the same period of time. It follows from this that responses must be invisible to the evaluator until the Project deadline, even if a supplier submits their response early. Additionally, the evaluator should have no knowledge of when each response was submitted. PostRFP provides a simple configuration option to enforce this rule.

Under Project Rules (Advanced Options), there is an option:

"Hide Responses Until Deadline"

Under normal circumstances, when a supplier submits their response, an email notification is sent to the evaluator and the response status is seen to change from "Accepted" to "Submitted".

But when the setting "Hide Responses Until Deadline" is switch on, email notifications are suppressed and the status of that response is shown as Accepted until the deadline expires.

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