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Can I capture feedback from vendor presentations in PostRFP?

Posted in RFP Scoring and Bid Analysis, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

Vendor presentations are an important part of many RFPs. The question is how to combine reviewers feedback from the presentations into the eRFX questionnaire or requirement set.

Our recommendation is that vendor presentations should be used as a way to verify and validate the information submitted in the RFP questionnaire. They should not be presenting new information. This allows a consistent approach to be taken to assigning weightings, analyzing responses and comparing the vendors.

If this recommendation is followed, then the process works as follows:

  • Requirements are agreed upon, and expressed as a PostRFP questionnaire. This should be a full set of requirements
  • Vendors are invited to answer the questionnaire online
  • Evaluators assess and score the responses (using auto scoring for multiple choice questions where appropriate)
  • Vendors visit to give presentations
  • Scores awarded to relevant questions are reviewed and updated as necessary. PostRFP's audit trail keeps a full record of all changes. Scoring comments are added as required.

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