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Can multiple users score the same rfp questions?

Posted in RFP Scoring and Bid Analysis, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020


PostRFP supports the use of Score Sets, which can be enabled or disabled on a per project basis. When enabled, Score Sets mean that each answer can be associated with any number of scores - one for each user, and one "Agreed" score. When Score Sets are not enabled, the score used is always the Agreed Score.

There are two permissions relevant here. "Save Score" and "Save Agreed Score". A user with the former can save only his or her own score. A user with the latter permission can view other user's scores, and can set the Agreed Score.

Multiple scoring sets are commonly used in highly regulated public procurement exercises, or in cases where questions are open, and answers ambiguous and it is therefore useful to compare a range of views from different evaluators.

N.B. Autoscoring for multiple choice questions is disabled if Multiple Score Sets are enabled (it is not know how many user score sets will be created).

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