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Does PostRFP support autoscoring for multiple choice RFP questions?

Posted in RFP Creation and Design, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

Yes. This means that answers to multiple choice RFP questions can be automatically scored.

When designing a question in the questionnaire builder, an auto-score can be associated with each option for multiple choice questions (drop down menu or radio buttons). These scores are defined by typing an integer value between angle brackets, e.g:

  • Yes <8>
  • No <0>

This associates a score of 8 with "yes" and a score of 0 (zero) with "No". When a supplier submits their RFP response, PostRFP calculates a score for each answer. If a question contains more than one auto scored multiple choice element, then the scores are summed (capped at the Maximum Score value for that project).

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