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How is PostRFP different from other RFP management tools?

Posted in What is RFP software?, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

  • RFx Specialist Unlike most rfp management tools, PostRFP is not part of a bigger eProcurement system. It is designed to make questionnaire based supplier evaluation easier to manage, nothing more.
  • Instant setup PostRFP is a hosted, web based tool. You can be managing a live RFP within minutes of reading this.
  • No lock-in You can pay for just a one-off RFP project. High volume users can adopt subscription pricing.
  • Vendor Friendly Respondents can register on-line and use the system free of charge. Workflow functionality allows teams of respondents to manage RFP collaboration working on large projects. Import functionality enables vendors to copy answers from previous projects with one mouse click.
  • Rich Questions Most RFP management tools restrict one question to containing one input element (text box, multiple choice field etc). With PostRFP questions can contain any number of elements, structured into rows and columns as required. This is significant - the question is the unit of weighting, and individual elements may be too fine grained for a sensible weighting to be a applied.
  • Multiple Scorers PostRFP has very strong support for managing multiple scorers working either together on the same set of scores, or for each scorer to create a separate, parallel set of scores.
  • Branding & Internationalization PostRFP is designed to be easy to re-brand and to support any language (including double byte character sets). Translations for French, Japanese, Turkish and Chinese are standard.

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