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What are the System Requirements for PostRFP?

Posted in Technical Details, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

Hosted Service

Customers using PostRFP as a hosted service only need a web browser to access the system. The following browsers are tested for compatibility: * Internet Explorer 6+ * Mozilla 1.1 + * Firefox * Safari * Chrome

All browsers must have Javascript enabled.

Server Requirements

Customers who wish to install and run their own local copy of the PostRFP server system should be aware of the technologies on which PostRFP runs: * Java 1.6 * Servlet 2.3 compatible web container * MySQL version 5+ (support for other databases if necessary)

Recommended minimum hardware requirements for high volume use are: * Any operating system supporting Java 1.6 * 1 GB RAM * Intel 2 Ghz processor or equivalent

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