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Market Specific Questions

Posted in RFP Creation and Design, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

Sometimes it is necessary to collect categorised information from suppliers. For example, you might be evaluating a parcel delivery company, and you wish to know how their service varies by country, e.g.

  • What is the cost of delivery to country X
  • What is time to deliver to country X
  • Do you insure for losses to country X r Without using Markets, building these questions would be very laborious, since you would have to create different input field elements for each country you wish to ask about.

PostRFP Markets allow you to define the list of countries once, and then create questions which use this list to create repeating input fields. Different projects might relate to different Markets, therefore it is necessary to assign markets to a project. It is necessary to do a bit of setup before Market Specific questions can be used:

  • Define which Markets are going to be assigned to a specific projects from Project -> Properties -> Advanced Options -> Project Markets
  • Create a question and set at least one question element to be "Market Specific". This will cause the row containing that element to be repeated, one time for each market assigned to that project.

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