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How should I combine Question and Section Weightings?

Posted in RFP Scoring and Bid Analysis, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

There are two primary ways of using weightings to calculate total score.

Firstly, you can just multiply question score X section X parent section etc.

This is an entirely valid approach which we refer to Arithmetic scoring. However, this does mean that increasing a questions weight will increase it's contribution to the overall total score - effectively increasing the contribution that its section is making to the total. To get around this, weighted scores can be normalised within each section:

Normalised Section score = section weight X ((sum of weighted question scores) / (maximum possible sum of weighted scores))

Normalised scoring usually produces results which users' expect, more so that Arithmetic scoring. With Normalised scoring, a weight applied to a section caps the contribution of that section to the overall score. PostRFP supports both approaches.

A longer article describing these two approaches to calculating total weighted scores is available on the PostRFP news site.

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