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What do the different RFP project statuses mean?

Posted in Managing Vendor Evaluation Projects, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

"Draft" means that you are at the project definition stage. This is the stage when you create the evaluation questionnaire, attach supporting materials, and select which Suppliers can view and respond to the project.

"Live" means that you have completed the project definition stage and Suppliers have been invited to respond. When you are ready to invite Suppliers to respond, change the project status from "Draft" to "Live" .

"Closed" means that the project is no longer active. Suppliers can no longer view or respond to the project. Evaluators can no longer score questions or edit weightings. When you are ready to close the project, change the project status from "Live" to "Closed".

Response Statuses

In addition to the status lifecycle for a Project, each vendor's Response also has status values which determine what information can be viewed and which actions undertaken:

  1. Not Sent. The Response is prepared, but not yet visible to the vendor
  2. Opportunity. The vendor can view the project, but cannot save answers
  3. Accepted. The vendor has decided to accept the invitation and can save answers
  4. Declined. The vendor has opted to not respond
  5. Submitted. The vendor has completed work and the answers are now visible to the buyer
  6. Retracted. The buyer has cancelled the invitation for the vendor

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