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How do I submit my RFP response?

Posted in Responding to an RFP, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

After you have completed your response to an RFP questionnaire and uploaded any necessary attachments, your Response must be Submitted before it can be viewed by the Buyer. The following criteria must be met before a response can be submitted:

  • The user submitting the response must belong to a Role (such as Response Manager) with the permission "Submit Response"
  • All questions marked by the Buyer as "Required" must be answered
  • If using "Workflow" for the response, All answers must be at the Status "APPROVED".
  • The Deadline (submission date) for the RFP Response must not have passed

To Submit the RFP Response, look for the "Status" link at the top of tree menu on the left hand of the Tender/RFP page and click the button "Accept".

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