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Editable Required Fields and less Gnarly Wizards

Whilst most development efforts are focusing on Chatwin some small changes continue to land in the legacy app:

Required Field + Cosmetic Edits

There are two modes available when building or editing questions: full and cosmetic. Cosmetic mode kicks in when a questionnaire has been published, or when re-using a question from another project. In either case Respondents (vendors) may have already begun saving answers against the questions.

Any changes that might affect the meaning or structure of the question are disallowed.

FAQ on Cosmetic Edits

Until this week it was impossible to change the 'Required' (Mandatory) flag on question elements. This proved to be inconvenient - it's all too easy to publish a question that simply isn't relevant for some vendors and then flag it as Mandatory. On reflection we couldn't find any objection to changing this behaviour, so we have and it's now possible to reset the Required flag at any time. 

Whilst doing this we also made a few other improvements to the quesiton editor: 

  • Real time changes - you see the changes to questions as you type
  • Highlighting of Required fields, both in Question Edit and Section listing views

Question Editing


 Less Gnarly Wizard

When we do demos for new clients we run through the New Project Wizard. Increasingly, we've come to realise that it was beginning to show it's age. Sadly this is true of much of the site, which is part of the motivation for Chatwin. However, since the Wizard is so prominent, we felt we had to show it some love. So, a couple of hours later, we have the updated Wizard for 2017:

New Project Wizard

Universal Project Link 

This one is actually a bit embarrassing... we noticed it would be handy to have a link to the List Project from the top navigation area in all pages. So we bundled that into the latest round of changes. Someone then remembered that this was a heaving voted feature request back in 2009. Somehow it got closed by accident and was nearly lost forever. 

So, a tiny change but a very handy one, and with an absurdly long history...