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Summer Internships 2016

PostRFP Ltd is a UK registered software company  in with offices in London and Sydney. We are running a series of product development sprints in July and August 2014. To help us with these projects we hope to recruit some smart cookies for few weeks this summer.

Is it really an Internship?

We associate the term intership with bad pay, unstimulating work and vague notions of helping a student's future career. On that basis, no, it probably isn't an internship.

What work is involved?

We are migrating a Java/J2EE codebase away from being single monolithic application towards a distributed architecture consisting of http/json webservices and various cloud computing gadgets. Work will involve some combination of:

  • Design and development of a REST api with a Python/SqlAlchemy backend.
  • Definition and implementation of BDD tests
  • Extensive use of git, unit testing, code coverage analysis and performance profiling
  • Systems administration (linux) and DevOps tasks
  • Talking to humans (customers), understanding their objectives and translating them into technical plans

If that flurry of jargon provokes mild disgust/fury/bafflement, don't worry - we see that as a good sign.

And the pay?

  1. Week 1: £350
  2. Subsequent Weeks: £600 - £700 (depending on experience)

The first week is effectively a paid trial. And the end of that week there will be a review.

When, and for how long?

Any period between June 30th and September 12th. It's not worth doing much less than a week since there wouldn't be enough time to get into interesting work.

Working hours are any 7 hours between 09:00 -> 20:00. Occasional hours outside this window may be required to a liaise with a development team in New Zealand.

What's the catch?

We expect you to be smart and committed. The hours are flexible and the pay is good, but whilst working 100% concentration is required. That means no personal phone, texting, social media or similar whilst in the office. It's fine to leave the office at any time for any duration but that's not working time.

How To Apply

Write a brief message to

Include the sort of information you'd like to have if you were recruiting someone.