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Ensuring Deliverability of RFP Notification Emails

PostRFP has changed the Project's From Email Address field. It is now the Reply To address. This means that email notifications of RFP activity will always come from If a user replies to the message notification, then the reply will go to the Reply To address (if defined) for that Project. We regret having to make this change, but feel it is essential in order to ensure that our emails are not blocked by firewalls and spam filters.


PostRFP sends thousands of automated email per day: RFP event notifications, password reminders, registration links and upcoming deadline alerts.


Making sure that our emails get delivered to our user's inboxes becomes ever more complicated. In the beginning, the problem was junk mail (spam) - unsolicited emails that clogged up one's inbox. There is still pleny of junk mail around, but by and large reasonable solutions are in place to protect against it. At PostRFP we've used reputable SMTP servers and have set the required SPF and DKIM signatures. Our deliverability last year was around 98 %. The more worrying trend is "phishing" This involves a malicious attempt to impersonate a third party in order to win the trust of an unsuspecting recipient. Because of the serious implications (e.g. tricking someone into provided their on-line banking password), phishing attacks are taken very seriously by network administrators. We have recently noticed an decrease in our monthly deliverability scores. This is attributed entirely to emails that have been sent using the Project's From Email field. Because these addresses don't match the details of our email servers, they are being blocked. So, with regret, we have replaced this setting with the Reply-To setting described above.

Next Steps

Our plan is to add an additional field - From Name - this will be the name, not email, that emails will appear to come from. We won't do this until we've ensured that there will not be an adverse affect on deliverability. Finally, if you really, really must have your email address as the From field on outgoing messages, then you can contact It is possible, but will require the network administrator for your domain to make some changes.