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Transparent eTendering - Publishing Criteria Weightings

PostRFP helps buyers ("contracting authorities") to comply with procurement regulations by providing a number of project settings which change the behaviour of the RFP. Many of these are driven by the European Union's directives on public sector contracting. We've now added a new setting - "Expose Weightings to Respondents".

PostRFP enables buyers to define a set of evaluation criteria, structure these into sections and sub-sections, and then assign weightings to any level of the resulting criteria questionnaire. Previously, it was possible for buyers using PostRFP to show criteria weightings to respondents by downloading the weightings into a spreadsheet, and then uploading them as a project attachment (which can be downloaded by respondents). We noticed that this was a common need amongst our users, and have therefore added a simple configuration option to support this process. The new setting "Expose Weightings to Respondents" can be set either when creating a project with the New Project Wizard, or by editing "Rules" under "Advanced Options" in the Project tree menu.

When this setting is selected, respondents will be able to view weightings when answering the RFP. A new link, "Weightings", appears in the Respondents navigation menu. Clicking this shows weightings for all sections and questions in the questionnaire.