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PostRFP for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) RFPs

EMR Match has partnered with PostRFP to launch a service for the evaluation and selection of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendors. EMR Match formed a committee of over 20 industry experts to build a set of requirements for evaluating EMR systems. These requirements are expressed as a PostRFP questionnaire with over 250 questions. Over 50 EMR vendors are now registered in the system, with pre-screening data available for a majority of those. This enables EMR buyers to manage a rigorous EMR RFP entirely through their browser using predefined criteria and issuing to pre-registered vendors.

Electronic Medical Records system adoption has been much slower than was anticipated 10 years ago. Whilst the benefits of industry wide adoption of standards compliant systems are obvious, technical and cultural barriers have hindered growth in the sector. One reflection of this is the wide variety of vendors in the market. These range from solutions produced by international software houses to niche products originally developed for in house use. Finding a way to navigate through this array of alternatives is daunting - this is the challenge that EMR Match addresses.  The process for anyone wishing to run a EMR RFP via EMR Match is as follows:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Create a new project, starting with the EMR evaluation template, and then customize as required.
  3. Use the EMR Screen service to narrow down your search to the 6 or so vendors that best match your needs.
  4. Invite the short list of vendors to respond to your RFP

From then on the RFP process benefits from all the standard features of PostRFP -  structured workflow, in process messaging, detailed audit event log, multiple evaluator scorers, flexible weighting and reporting options.