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New Tools For Adjusting Weightings

Assigning weightings to a complex questionnaire is always a fiddly business. Until now, PostRFP provided either very detailed control (over questions), or very high level control (using the graphical percentage tool). With the latest release of PostRFP it is possible to edit weightings at any level of the questionnaire.

A new tab has been added to the questionnaire pages inside Project - "Weighting".

Screenshot Showing Weighting

Like other questionnaire pages, this displays information relevant to the position currently selected in the questionnaire tree menu. If you click a section containing question, it lists all the questions in that section, and enables you to either edit the values directly, or to use plus/minus buttons to change their relative values.

Scale Up

The plus/minus buttons allow you to increase or decrease the relative importance of a given section or section. We aim to make these increases in increments close to 1%. However, because the weighting for individual questions must be a whole number, it is not always possible to do this. If you have 10 questions, all with a weighting of one, then it is not possible to increase the weighting of a single question by just one percent. In such situations, PostRFP will suggest that you "Scale Up". This means increasing the weightings of all questions by a factor of 10, so that more fine grained adjustments are possible.