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RFP Checklist for your first Project

Posted in Getting Started with SupplierSelect, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

There is very little setup needed to start using PostRFP, but the following RFP checklist might help clarify the process for running a first project.

This checklist walks you through the entire process as a training exercise - drafting RFP requirements, issuing the RFP, evaluating and analyzing response.

Setup Users

Go to "My Account" > "Users" and add accounts for any other members of your own organization that need to work on the RFP.

Run a test RFP project.

To familiarise yourself with PostRFP, it is useful to create a test RFP project to practise using the system.

  • From the Dashboard, click "Create New Project" and step through the options - there is lots of information here.
  • After loading the new RFP Project select:
    • "Define Questionnaire"
    • "Begin with a new, empty questionnaire"
    • "Import Options"
    • "Public Archive" and then import the Hotel Questionnaire. This is a good way to see a range of rfp question types, and to experiment with editing them.
  • Invite your own organization to respond - this allows you to get the respondent's perspective on answering a questionnaire. Then publish the project
  • Logout, and login again as a Respondent, using the same username. Accept and answer the RFP you just created, then submit your response.
  • Logout again, and then login as an Evaluator again. View the submitted response and input scores.

It should take around 15 minutes to work through the process. Having worked through this RFP checklist you should feel confident to launch a live project.

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