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Attach files to Messages

It is now possible for buy-side users to upload file attachment when posting a Message. This is only currently available for public messages - visible to all respondents.

The form to attach the file is only visible when 'Preview' has been clicked after drafting a message.

PostRFP supports these file attachments:

  1. Project Attachments - uploaded by a buy-side participant organization. These can be either:
    • Public - visible to all respondent organizations
    • Private - visible only to users in buy-side organizations.
  2. Response Attachments - uploaded by respondent organizations and visible to buy-side organizations.
  3. Question Attachments - uploaded by the buy side when building the questionnaire. Visible to all respondents.
  4. Answer Attachments - uploaded by a respondent when answering a specific question. These follow the rules of 'Response Attachments' and are visible to buy-side organizations.

Files attached to messages using the new form are Project Attachments and are accessible from the standard Project Attachment list as well as the associated message.