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System Upgrade - Classified Organizations

An upgrade is being rolled out across PostRFP services with significant changes to organization management and respondent registration.

Organization Types

Organizations in PostRFP are now classified as one of the following "Types"

  • Respondent
  • Buyer
  • Consultant

There is a single login form which routes users to the appropriate section of the site after authentication.


When we first designed PostRFP we imagined a unified system where any organization could act as either a Buyer or Respondent. It soon became clear that this universality made the user interface more complex, so we introduced the "I'm a Respondent / I'm an Evaluator " page to route users to different login screens.

This simplification worked for a long time, but there would still be occasional users that would login to the wrong page, and become confused. To avoid such problems once and for all we decided to bite the bullet and classify all organization as one thing or the other.


For now, a Consultant organization is the same as a Buyer. The reason for this extra classification is to provide scope in future upgrades for new tools to help consultants work with their clients.

Self Registration

The self registration functionality on PostRFP has been upgraded to help respondents to avoid registering duplicate organization accounts

  1. Email Check. The first step in registration is an email address check. If the address entered already exists in the system then the user can request an email with details of existing account details linked to that address
  2. Organization Check. If the email address is validated, the user is asked to input the Organization name
    1. A typeahead search (autocomplete) scans existing organizations that are flagged as Show in Public Address Book
    2. If the user enters the name of an organization that already exists, registration is stopped. The user can choose to request that an email be sent to the administrator of the previously registered organization informing them that a new user wishes to join. This email is only sent if the domain name section of the user's email address matches that of an administrator user within the target organization.
  3. Self Registration always creates a Respondent organization. Buyer organizations must be created by PostRFP.

Respondent's View

If a Buyer or Consultant wishes to preview the Respondent's view of the world, there is a link on the Dashboard

Other changes

  • Fixed a bug with Weighted Scores and Raw Scoring report - Project Maximum score was being ignored
  • Changed exception pages to stay within existing frameset
  • Change to Answer Report builder to make it easier to create new reports
  • Fixed bug with sorting lists of Responses
  • Removed option to generate a report showing Respondent's answers if "Hide Responses Until Deadline" flag has been set for a project.