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Embed Images in RFP Questionnaires

PostRFP now enables you to embed images within your RFP questions.

It's always been possible to associate an attachment with a question in PostRFP. For example, a typical question is:

"2.4.2. Please download, complete, and upload the attached spreadsheet 'pricingMatrix.xls'".

It's also been possible to attach images which are then referred to in the question:

"3.5.2. The attached file 'specification.gif' is a technical drawing of the solution we require. Please indicate timings and costs for the implementation of this specification"

It is now possible to embed an image inline with the question:

To embed an image in a question, add a "Attachment Element" to a question. In the field editing panel at the top of the edit page there is form upload field. Use this to pick the image file from your local computer and then upload it. You will then be prompted with options for whether to display the image inline and whether to crop its size.

When a vendor comes to answer this question, it looks like this: