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Multiple Weighting Sets for RFP Analysis

Weightings are used to place a distinct importance on different questions or sections in a questionnaire. Question weights are derived as a product of their own weighting and that of all ancestor subsections and sections. Total scores are calculated as the sum of question scores multiplied by derived question weights.  

But what happens when there is more than one perspective on what these features are? For example, the Chief Financial Officer might have a different view on the importance of the Pricing section than the Chief Operations Officer, who's more interested in the Performance section.

PostRFP addresses this with multiple weighting sets. This allows one to save a set weightings (weights for each section and question),  assign it a name, and then reference it when analysing scoring results. Weighting sets can address such questions such as:

  • Which vendor gets the highest score according to the CFO's priorites vs the COO's
  • Which questions are having the biggest impact on total scores under those regimes

PostRFP's charting and reporting tools allow you to switch instantly between weighting sets.