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Why isn't there a Spell Checking function?

Posted in Responding to an RFP, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

Many Respondents have asked if we can implement spell checking within PostRFP. Our view is that this functionality is much better implemented on the client / browser side, rather than within PostRFP.

RFP respondents use a high proportion of words that are unique to the industry sector or even to the individual company - brand names, acronyms etc. Any useful spell check would need to allow the user to add new words to the spell checker's dictionary. Because so many terms are company specific, this would mean that the Custom Dictionary would quickly become corrupted with terms from different organisations. This leads to a requirement for per-organization custom dictionaries which would greatly add complexity to the system.

For now, there are two solutions:

  • Use a browser with good spell checking (Internet Explorer v. 10 or higher, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Download your full response into a Word document before submitting and check spelling there

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