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Is it possible to import answers from previous RFP responses?

Posted in Responding to an RFP, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

Yes, when exactly the same questions are used across two or more RFP Projects.

In many industries, buyers re-use either part or all of previous questionnaires when creating a new RFP Project. In such cases, respondents who previously answered these questions can save the effort of re-keying similar responses by importing their answers from the previous response. Examples of situations where the same questionnaires are reused include:

  • Regulated industries such as the UK healthcare sector - central government prescribes a standard "PQQ" - Pre-Qualification Questionnaire - which must be completed by all candidates.
  • Consultant, or trade association body mediate industries - standard questionnaires are re-issued for all tenders.

RFP respondents can import question answers by clicking "Import Answers" when browsing the questionnaire. Answers can imported from previous responses where the same questions (same question ID) has been used.

Answers can also be imported from an XML file or via a REST API for cases where a vendor is integrating with a 3rd party system.

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