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How are Markets (topics) used to create dynamic RFP questions?

Posted in Managing Vendor Evaluation Projects, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

Markets, in PostRFP, generate questions (Dynamic Questions) which repeat the same question element for multiple criteria. To illustrate this feature, suppose your company ships its goods to many countries around the world. You wish to conduct an RFx to evaluate shipping companies. When building the question, you notice that you often need to collect the same information for each country you ship to: Shipping fees by country Delivery times by country Insurance and indemnification by country Number of deliveries currently sent by country

Creating this manually would involve a lot of work building the question.

Markets are a list of countries (or other criteria) that a Buyer organisation can define in PostRFP. When you create a Project, you must then select which of these markets apply to that Project. This list is then used to create Dynamic Questions in the questionnaire.

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