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What is eTendering or tender software?

Posted in What is RFP software?, last updated on Dec. 10, 2020

eTendering software manages a tender electronically. The term is imprecise, and is used to include approaches of varying sophistication:

  • Sending tender documents by email
  • Placing notifications on a website and allowing bidders to download documents
  • Software for the production and analysis of tender documents or scoring matrices* A full process system for drafting, issuing, responding to and scoring tenders through a website
  • eTendering is a term more commonly used in the government and public sectors than the private sector. It's also more commonly used in Europe than in North America.

Increasingly, only the last variant is seen a proper use of the term eTendering, and is in this sense that PostRFP is an example of eTendering software.

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