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OJEU eTendering Project

Client Industry: Government
Purchase Category: Financial Services


The client required a service which combined custody, investment accounting, reporting, and performance measurement services.

The contract size was well in excess of EU procurement thresholds so the tender would have to be compliant with OJEU tendering rules. The client wanted to use eTendering software for transparency, regulatory compliance and process efficiencies.


Thomas Murray was selected to conduct the review on the basis of its proven industry expertise. The fact that Thomas Murray uses PostRFP eTendering software meant that complying with EU procurement guidelines could be as simple as checking the right boxes when setting up the project.

Using PostRFP to evaluate and select a global custodian, 7 custodian banks were evaluated via a questionnaire with over 500 questions. The basis for this questionnaire was Thomas Murray's own custody RFP template. Additional questions were added to this template to reflect the client's particular needs.

The tender notification was posted to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), with links to PostRFP for automated vendor registration. The PostRFP project was flagged as "public", meaning that any vendor was permitted to respond. Project settings were configured to ensure that vendor responses to the eTender were hidden until the project deadline passed. Question and section weights where made available to the suppliers via the "Expose Weightings to Respondents" setting. All communication with the vendors was managed through PostRFP's integrated message board. Finally, in common with all PostRFP projects, every significant action by the contracting authority or the vendors was tracked in the Event Log audit trail.

Results: a contract award was made to a new supplier a 75% reduction in fees paid a significant improvement in contractual responsibilities assumed by the service provider OJEU compliance with a full audit trail in case of a supplier challenge

Key Product Features

  1. Importing RFP Answers
  2. RFP Evaluation Panel Scoring
  3. RFP Event Log
  4. RFP Message Board
  5. RFP Rules and Regulations
  6. RFP Weightings


A local government authority in the UK with a pension fund of over £900 million in assets needed to review its pension fund management arrangements.

Thomas Murray, the specialist Global Custody Ratings and Research agency, was hired to help the local authority with the review, evaluation and selection process.