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OJEU Tender Consultants

Client Industry: Government
Purchase Category: Maintenance, Repairs, Supplies
Client Website: http://www.plan2do.net/


Plan2Do uses its procurement and operational expertise to help clients both reduce costs and achieve better value for money. In a post Credit Crunch climate, public sector budgets are being cut across the board. Consulting engagements must be lightweight whilst demonstrating immediate and tangible value for money.

The challenge for Plan2Do is to leverage their expertise for the greatest number of clients at the lowest cost.


When Plan2Do evaluated PostRFP, the following features stood out:

  • Highly efficient re-use of knowledge, expressed as RFP templates and automated scoring, would allow them to run tenders for their clients at a fraction of normal costs.
  • Audit event logging and inbuilt regulatory rules would enable OJEU with decreased administrative overhead
  • Consultant features for delegating use of standard RFP templates to clients would enable them to provide a self-service option for clients with limited budgets
PostRFP came along at a great time for us. Consultants face the same challenge - how to deliver the greatest value to the client with the minimum of consulting hours? PostRFP has gone a long way to answering this question. By capturing our industry expertise in reusable templates, we are able to empower our clients to run their own projects whilst still benefiting from our knowledge.

Steve Turner, Principal Consultant

Key Product Features

  1. Automated Email Notifications
  2. Automated RFP Scoring
  3. Bidder Registration
  4. Import Excel Questions
  5. Importing RFP Answers
  6. RFP Message Board
  7. RFP Rules and Regulations
  8. RFP Template Library
  9. RFP Templates


Plan2Do is a UK consultancy specialized in social housing and charities. It helps clients with procurement, IT strategy and operational improvements.

One of Plan2Do's services is the management of OJEU compliant tendering for Social Housing Corporations.