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Airline & Travel RFP Consultants

Client Industry: Travel and Tourism
Purchase Category: Information Technology
Client Website: http://www.t2rl.com/


Many of T2Rs clients are airlines engaged in evaluating booking and reservations systems. Such systems are critical to their business, and the wrong decision can have severe repercussions. T2Rs depth of expertise in this sector enables them to help with the RFP and vendor selection process. Historically projects were managed with traditional tools such as Word documents, spreadsheets and e-mail. The problem with this approach is that sharing knowledge between RFP projects is time consuming and error prone, for both clients and T2R.


Using the PostRFP platform to run RFPs has advantages for all parties - the client, T2R and the vendors:

  • It facilitates collaboration between team-members for both evaluators and vendors
  • It speeds up the process and makes it more transparent
  • Decisions are better qualified
Using PostRFP is greatly benefiting our clients and ourselves. Projects are easier to manage, decisions are easier to reach and it helps collaboration throughout. We also see major advantages for Vendors for whom the system is a great repository of reusable information, which otherwise often is cut and pasted from different sources.

Richard Clarke, Managing Partner T2R

Key Product Features

  1. Automated Email Notifications
  2. Importing RFP Answers
  3. RFP Evaluation Panel Scoring
  4. RFP Message Board
  5. RFP Templates


Travel Technology Research (T2R) specializes in the application of information technology on various aspects of the travel industry. T2R works with airlines, vendors of reservation systems (Global Distribution Systems), tour operators, hotels and the technology vendors who serve them.